Performing and competing take dance to a new level. Suddenly, you are concerned about more than your body movements and placement. Once you have reached the place where your choreography is shining, it’s time to polish up yourself and show the world what you know.

When to Buy a Costume
It’s always a wise idea to know ahead of time when you need your costume to permit yourself enough time to find it, try it on, adjust it and give it a test-drive. Some costumes can be purchased off of a rack, some need to be custom made. Find out when your costume needs to be ready, then back it off to provide yourself enough time to make adjustments. Tip: NEVER tell your seamstress your drop-dead day, always go at least a week before hand as your drop-dead day. It will provide you with a little padding and take the pressure off of your seamstress.

What Kind of Costume?
Finding the appropriate costume is important. Your costume should be appropriate not only to your body shape, but to your venue, dance and audience.

  • Body Shape:
    This is an easy one – we all know what looks good on us and what doesn’t. Save this criteria for last because there are other things to think about before seeing how you look.
  • Venue:
    Are you dancing ballroom, jazz, ballet, country, latin, ethnic, etc.? If you are competing, review the guidlines for costuming to be sure you are not counted down for a costume. If you are performing, having the appropriate clothing is necessary for auditions, performances, recitals and more. If you’re not sure what to wear, consult your instructor for options.
  • Audience:
    Knowing your audience is always a good idea. Age is an item to consider. Dancing in front of children or the elderly might provoke different costume ideas than dancing for adults. Children tend to like bright colors and happy themes. The elderly might like to see something more traditional. Art and theatre buffs might appreciate a costume with a hint of taste, history or even humor. The general public tends to like pop-culture, which could be incorporated into your costume. All of these items are important to consider when shopping for a costume.

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