Have you ever wanted to compete in a Jack and Jill competition but didn’t have the nerve?Join the club. There isn’t a single person out there who hasn’t had their reservations about entering any sort of competition, let alone a Jack and Jill. Why? “Someone might see me do something dumb”. The truth is, we all make mistakes, we all do dumb things, and we learn from them and move on. Jack and Jills are all about having fun and if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. The following information is a guide on how to have fun and maybe even win a Jack and Jill Competition!

The first rule of Jack and Jill competitions is that they’re supposed to be fun. Start by giving yourself permission to have fun. It’s ok to act silly, try new things, play. An energetic two-step gives a man a chance to kick up his heels and the ladies to throw in a little skirt action. Get the audience into it. Swing? Maybe you want to get into character. West coast swing might allow you to get a little cat-like. Jitterbug and East Coast Swing might make you want to hop and throw an appendage in the air. Be flamboyant, be energetic, have fun with the music and your partner.

Breathe. Relax. This competition is about having fun. Ham it up, act out a part, listen to the music and let it tell you what to do. Most importantly, give yourself permission to do well! So many of us fear doing bad or doing something that will upset our partner and the truth is, they’re feeling the same way. Set yourself at ease, set your partner at ease and you both will do well.

Act Like a Winner!
In order of being a winner in the competition, we have to go out feeling like one. It’s actually OK to do well and to let yourself do well. No one is going to judge you for having a bit of confidence – except the judges, and it will be in your favor. Confidence is very important. Keep your shoulders back, your head up, your posture upright and you will do well. When your posture is correct, your partner feels that too. Good posture makes a much better leader and follower. Give your partner a good chance!

Lead and Follow.
Jack and Jills are all about leading and following. We can’t plan loops or moves that we can throw into the mix because we don’t know who our partner is going to be – and if they can follow what we’re trying to do. Partnership is important on every level from dance floor “steering” to “hitting the breaks”.

Start With The Basics.
The basics are important for a number of reasons. Basics allow you and your partner to get a feel for one anothers lead or follow and their ability. Within the first few moves of a dance, you should be able to judge how well you and your partner will do. Basics also allow you to stay comfortable and build up from there. You may find that sticking to basic patterns may allow you to play more with the music, accentuate things in the music or even keep you on phrase for catching the perfect moment to hit a break. Lastly, a clean dance with basic moves done well, worked with and performed nicely will score you points over sloppy ariels, bad slides or worse yet – a fall. Simple is not always overrated, it’s a great place to start with a Jack and Jill.

In summary, there are many ways to enjoy a Jack and Hill contest. Above are things that will aid you in not only a chance at the championship, but things that will assist you in setting up and your partner up for a fun time. Keep in mind, Jack and Jills are all about having fun. Go out and try one – see for yourself!

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