Have you ever wanted to dance for a Gold in the Olympics? Well, now you can!

UCWDC (the United Country Western Dance Council) in cooperation with the World DanceSport Games and the International Olympic Committee have scheduled the Olympic Dance Games on September 21-29, 2013 in Kaohsiung, China.

The original notice from UCWDC:

The official WDSF announcement is attached as well as a page showing our Line DanceSport competition schedule and a third page showing that 24-48 Line Dance Athletes and 7 Line DanceSport Officials are to be included in these Games.  Travel and lodging will be covered by the organizers in Kaohsiung, the host city.  If your country already has a Country & Line DanceSport Federation, they will be able to help you get involved.  If not, you will need to form a new Country & Line DanceSport Federation.

To begin preparing for these first World DanceSport Games, the following country’s DanceSport organizations all joined the UCWDC as Associate National Organization Members by 2010. Contact them for information about competing for your country at the World Country & Line DanceSport Games in Nashville, TN this coming January to begin qualifying your country’s team of athletes for  participation at the World DanceSport Games in Kaohsiung, China, September, 2013. Both sets of Games will use exactly the same rules (attached).