Are you one of those people that loves to dance, but you hate going out by yourself?  If so, this blog is for you!

Tips to get you dancing when no one else wants to go:

  1. Choose Wisely
    No, not your friends – your venue.  If you like to dance but others don’t (or they aren’t sure yet), pick a place that has some other attraction besides dancing: pool, live music, food, drink, karaoke, etc.  This will give you all an opportunity to do something fun.  Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone out there who also likes to dance.
  2. Ask Around
    You would be suprised at the people who like to dance, and you’d never guess that they do.  Math teachers, construction workers, computer geeks, horse trainers, doctors, lawyers and others – believe it or not they dance and they walk among us!  If you happen to get in a conversation with someone you know, ask if they like to dance.  You never know who will suprise you when you find out they dance.
  3. Make a Date
    Whether your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife doesn’t dance, try encouraging them to take a lesson with you sometime – just for a night of something else to do.  As so many of us get in our every day rut and our every day lives, we often look for something just a little bit out of the ordinary to go do.  Try a dance lesson – they’re fun, they’re frustrating, they’re something different to do. 
  4. Just Go!
    As you become more confident (or frustrated with your non-dance acquiantances), you’ll soon find that if you want it bad enough, you’ll just go on your own.  Sometimes friends will go with you, sometimes they won’t.  Regardless – someone will be out there waiting to dance with you.
  5. Ask For a Dance
    So you’ve gone out on your own and no one is there with you.  You don’t know anyone.  Scope out the territory – avoid breaking up marriages and long term relationships, but if you see someone who likes to dance, ask them to dance!  If you really just want to dance with no strings, make your point clear ahead of time to avoid any misconceptions.  “Hey, I just want to dance”.   You might suprise yourself with how many people out there just like to dance.