You might think that it’s “Old Fashioned” to hear the words “Dance Floor Etiquette”.  Maybe you picture a 1950’s prom with prim and proper dresses with big bows, thick glasses and bow ties.  Or, you think of Grandma and Grandpa at the local square dance.  While the idea of dance floor etiquette sounds old fashioned, consideration for yourself, your partner, and others never goes out of date. Etiquette should be considered at public dance events, competitions during open floor, practice time at lessons in a studio or social dancing at the local honky tonk or speakeasy. Dance Floor Etiquette: The Summary. Traveling dances stay to the outsideRead More →

“Why does everyone only want to do West Coast Swing?”  “How can people stand to do the same dance for hours on end and not get bored?” ” Why are they so serious?” Call it an addiction if you must.  West Coast Swing is a multi-faceted dance that has a sharper learning curve than many other dances.  It also allows one to incorporate style, moreso than other dances.  And lastly, because it can be done to so many different types of music, the dance is almost new for each dance. Sharper Learning Curve: There are a handful of basic moves in West Coast Swing, both 6Read More →

By now a lot of you are just getting out of the “summer” habit and into the “back to school” habit.  Kids are rushed off to class, parents are getting back into the swing of things and everyone else is adapting to all the things around them. Now is a fantastic time to settle into a routine and look into the dance opportunities for all ages.  Kids now have the opportunity for the after school dance programs.  Adults have a little more time to get back into fitness and dance programs.  College students are looking for places to meet new friends or re-aquaint themselves with old friends.Read More →

Are you one of those people that loves to dance, but you hate going out by yourself?  If so, this blog is for you! Tips to get you dancing when no one else wants to go: Choose Wisely No, not your friends – your venue.  If you like to dance but others don’t (or they aren’t sure yet), pick a place that has some other attraction besides dancing: pool, live music, food, drink, karaoke, etc.  This will give you all an opportunity to do something fun.  Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone out there who also likes to dance. Ask Around You would be suprised atRead More →