Tequila on Ice – Darryl Worley Last Call – Lee Ann Womack Livin For the Night – George Strait How I Feel – Martina McBride Indian Summer – Brooks and Dunn I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes – Dierks Bentley Skinny Dippin’ – Whitney Duncan Wasted- Carrie Underwood Stand – Rascal Flatts The Climb – Miley Cyrus I May Hate Myself in the Morning  – Lee Ann Womack Winner at a Losing Game – Rascal FlattsRead More →

By now a lot of you are just getting out of the “summer” habit and into the “back to school” habit.  Kids are rushed off to class, parents are getting back into the swing of things and everyone else is adapting to all the things around them. Now is a fantastic time to settle into a routine and look into the dance opportunities for all ages.  Kids now have the opportunity for the after school dance programs.  Adults have a little more time to get back into fitness and dance programs.  College students are looking for places to meet new friends or re-aquaint themselves with old friends.Read More →

Learning Night Club Two Step can be both easy (footwork) and difficult (which direction do I go?) for the average Joe.  Below are 5 great tips to help take your dance to the next level. Side to Side Night Club Two Step requires the dancers to travel mostly in a side-to-side pattern.  Instead of trying to create a hard “shape”, simply  drive sideways  from your center (belly button level on either side of your rib cage) and let your body take on a more natural shape. Forcing a “C-Shape” will generally look fabricated and odd on the dance floor. Drive Drive Drive! The elegance and power ofRead More →

Below is a list of songs that are great for dancing Triple Two: When the Stars Go Blue – Tim McGraw Tougher Than the Rest – Chris LeDoux I Know She Hung the Moon – Toby Keith Just Got Started Loving You – James Otto Winner at a Losing Game – Rascal Flatts To Be Loved By You – Wynonna It Just Comes Natural – George Strait There’s No Gettin’ Over Me – Ronnie Milsap Here I am – Billy Currington That Ain’t No Way to Go – Brooks and Dunn Busy Being Fabulous – Eagles Don’t – Billy Currington Missing You – Alison KraussRead More →

This month, we are covering the basics of Triple Two Step (Shuffle). The counts for this particular pattern in Triple Two Step are 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6. Or, you may count it as “walk, walk, tri-ple-step, tri-ple-step”. Remember, you must change the weight on your feet (be able to pick up the other foot) on each count, and each “and”. Gentlemen start with your left foot – walk, walk, tri-ple-step, tri-ple-step translates to Left, Right, Left-Right-Left, Right-Left-Right. Each time you do the pattern, you will start with the opposite foot, such as Right, Left, Right-Left-Right, Left-Right-Left. Ladies, it is the exactRead More →