Learning Night Club Two Step can be both easy (footwork) and difficult (which direction do I go?) for the average Joe.  Below are 5 great tips to help take your dance to the next level.

  1. Side to Side
    Night Club Two Step requires the dancers to travel mostly in a side-to-side pattern.  Instead of trying to create a hard “shape”, simply  drive sideways  from your center (belly button level on either side of your rib cage) and let your body take on a more natural shape. Forcing a “C-Shape” will generally look fabricated and odd on the dance floor.
  2. Drive Drive Drive!
    The elegance and power of Night Club Two Step come from a slight bend in the knee and a drive from one foot to the other.  The controlled push allows the dancers to slide sideways across the floor at an even level.  If you take a step, allow the movement to go somewhere across the floor – this is a sweepy dance, not a dance contained in a box!
  3. Don’t Bounce!
    Some Night Club Two Step dancers you may see have a bouncy up and down motion to the dance.  While it feels fun and part of the music, it actually looks just as it sounds – bouncy.  Stay into your knees in Night Club Two Step to give your dance a little bit of class and style.
     See items #1 to help smooth out the bounce.
  4. Directions Don’t Matter
    Most trained dancers go a little crazy when dancing a Night Club Two Step because of its inability to follow a consistent pattern.  The beauty of this dance comes from its liquidity in movement: rotation of choice, direction of choice, distance of choice, etc.  Mix slow turns with quick turns, large steps with small to create a more dynamic dance.
  5. Watch Your Partner
    A commonly made mistake of Night Club Two Step is looking away from your partner.  Unlike Waltz, Night Club Two Step is actually a “lovey” dance where you are allowed to look at your partner and act like you enjoy their company.  Avoid staring at the floor.  Still avoid running into other couples but take a moment to add eye contact into your Night Club Two Step to give the dance the romance it deserves – regardless of your partner.