It has been said time and time again “I can’t dance because I don’t have a partner”. Well, the funny thing is, you’re not the only one saying that! If there are several people without partners, doesn’t that make them open to have a partner? YES!

Many people have approached us with worries about their dancing, that they’ll never learn better because they don’t have a steady partner. In some cases, it can be true. If you don’t have a steady partner, you’re probably not going to compete in the US Open or be a level 1 UCWDC dancer. So what? If your goal is to be a “better dancer”, you might just find that having no partner is going to make you a better dancer as a leader or a follower. Lead and follow dance is just that – lead and follow. You’re not learning a routine or a loop, you’re learning to be led, and to lead.

Often in competition workshops, semi-private or studio group lessons, couples are often urged to change partners through the course of the lesson. Why? Because sometimes dancing with other people helps you lead and follow the pattern with more than just the person you normally dance with. It makes sense! If you want to be a better dancer, dance with other people.

“I can’t dance with other people, I don’t know anyone”. Well, what better time to meet other people. Dancing is a great way to meet new people. You’ll find that in the dance community, everyone asks everyone else to dance with no obligation. You’ll also find that in the “bar scene” that asking someone to dance might result in a “no thanks” or an expectation for more than just a dance. Unfortunately for a dancer, this can be pretty hard on the ego. If you’re looking for someone to dance with without feeling as though you’re hitting on them or breaking up a marriage, talk to the “dancers” or the instructors that are out. Chances are, they’ll be glad to dance with you or give you ideas on who to ask to dance.

Dance snobs. Yes, they exist. It’s a sad truth but can also often be mistaken for shyness, intimidation, fear or personal reasons. Sometimes a person may ask you to dance once, then you ask them and they turn you down. First of all, don’t take it personally! If they don’t want to dance with you, let them be! They have their reasons and you may have yours. There are many times I love to dance, but I’m tired, or I’ve had a hard day, or I just feel like my dancing isn’t up to par to dance with someone better than me. I like to provide them with a reason, instead of just a “no” but not everyone may do that. Your goal is to dance and have fun right? So find someone else with the same goals and HAVE FUN!

So you say “I can’t dance, I don’t have a partner”? There’s just no excuse! Come on out, talk to some people and have a good time. Don’t let things get you down because there are good and bad personalities, words and attitudes… just find the ones that allow you to have fun and steer clear of the ones that get you down. Dancing is fun!

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